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The Schunk family moved to the Central Michigan area in 1877. Lee Schunk is a fourth-generation farmer, born to Ron and Darlene Schunk. Ron and Darlene owned and operated agricultural and food industry businesses in Clare, Michigan, where they also raised their family. Lee and his wife Roberta, went on to raise their family of four children in Clare. Starting in 2003, Lee, Roberta, and their son Michael started Schunk’s Rock Farm, which led to the development of a multitude of businesses: Aggregate manufacturing and excavating, metal fabrication, and welding services, trucking, industrial construction, fertilizer sales and application, and organic farming.
In the spring of 2019, Lee, Roberta, Michael, and his wife Melissa wanted to expand their product line in organic farming. They decided that they would try to farm two acres of hemp to see how it grew in the Central Michigan area with the climate and soil. This was made possible by the legalization of farming of industrial hemp at a federal level in 2018. Their vision and drive for a larger company quickly began to take hold as they realized the interest and need for hemp products in our country. They were able to partner with investors and key players and grew their two acres to 380 acres of industrial hemp in the first year. This is how Amerihemp Holdings was born.
Today, Amerihemp is operated by family and valued employees. Lee and wife Roberta, Michael and wife Melissa, and Lee and Roberta’s son Jeremy, all assist with the day to day operations. Lee’s father, Ron, also makes it a point to stop by the farm every day to help where he sees fit. With their vast knowledge in agriculture, leadership, fabrication, and sales, they now have their minds set to conquer the hemp industry. Lee and Michael are family-oriented men who stand behind a philosophy that they only produce and sell quality; American made products that they would want their family using.

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